Designer Pre Hung Doors

BLUE WHALE manufactures Designer Pre Hung Doors to be used in modern interiors for the requirements of residential and commercial buildings with respect to sound insulation, fire resistance, burglar-proofness and dimensional stability. Designer Pre Hung Doors are manufactured with solid routing from 2.5mm to 4mm depth on the face of the door which is laminated with European PVC Film Bonded with Water Proof Glue using Vacuum Pressure Pressing Technique

Add On Features

▶ Ready To Fit Doors - Painting / Polishing / Carpentry not required
▶ European PVC Film
▶ European Water Proof Glue- (Dynea/Kleiberit)
▶ Waterproof High Density Fibre Board (HDF) face
▶ Door Filler - (European Tubular Particle Board - (Sauerland Spanplatte)
▶ Size-Custom
▶ Thickness-30mm/32/35/40/45/50
▶ Design- 30+ Designs are provided in the brochure
▶ Custom Design - Customers can provide their own designs on Single side or Both side.
▶ PVC Film Colours - (Andhra Teak / Rose Wood / Natural Teak / Walnut / White
▶ PVC Film Custom Colours - Customers can choose colours from our colour shade catalogues.
Table Header Table Header Table Header
Option A
Option B
Door Size
Custom Size
Custom Size
Door Thickness
32/35/40 mm
32 mm
Door Finish
PVC foil wrapping
PVC foil wrapping
Frame Size
100 mm x 55 mm
75mm x 45mm
Frame Type
Solid wood with FRP wrapping
Solid wood with FRP wrapping
Frame Finish
Paint Finish matching to PVC foil
Paint Finish matching to PVC foil
Architrave Size Front
65mm x 12mm
65mm x 12mm
Architrave Size Back
25mm x 12mm
25mm x 12mm
Architrave Finish
Paint Finish matching to PVC foil
Paint Finish matching to PVC foil